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5% of your purchase goes towards reforestation. Don't you enjoy fresh air, camping in the woods, and hiking in beautiful forests?

This chalk bag was handmade by -1-ONELIFE Owner, Tanya O'Donohue. Every chalk bag is sewn with inspiration and will never be duplicated. Every single chalk bag is unique and different in design, whether it's the fabric, interior cloth, clasp, or closure...they are all different. This one is quite unique as it is EXTREMELY SOFT. This chalk bag has a gray and white large plaid print felt design on the interior. It has a gray fur rim, and even a soft tan exterior! The exterior cloth is soft yet sturdy, so even though it's not a bucket bag, it can still stand on the ground without support! Clip your favorite carabiner into the loop, or slide your favorite belt in and you're all set to climb in comfort and style!