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SHAPE THE EARTH with your purchase! 5% of your purchase goes towards reforestation! 

All of these chalk bags are handmade by the owner of -1-ONE LIFE, Tanya O'Donohue. Not one chalk bag will be exactly the same as another, they are all unique. This particular chalk bag has a white tiger sequin pattern and is extremely durable! The inside is lined with a very soft flannel print fabric, so you may find yourself reaching in your chalk bag a bit more often than usual! 

-Carabiner/belt loop

-Pinch and slide clasp closure

-Sturdy and durable 

-Can be used as both a chalk bucket AND bag

-Approximately 7'' tall and 6'' wide

-Soft interior


Keep in mind, there's only one of each. So once it's gone...IT'S GONE!